Get unstuck.
LIVE the life you won't regret.

Is your soul
...hungry for confidence about direction in your calling?
...restless to embark on your own entrepreneurial path?
...ready for relief from indecision?

You're READY to...
Explore your possibilities alongside other purpose-driven entrepreneurial women.
Choose peace, clarity and courage in the next phase of your calling or business.

When: February 13 - March 26
6 weeks / 2 hrs/wk
Book: Dare to Decide: Discovering Peace, Clarity and Courage at Life's Crossroads by Emily Grabatin
Where: Online (email, Zoom group discussion, private Facebook community)


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    Emily Grabatin

    Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs move from scattered and hesitant to calm and boldly productive and aligned with their God-dream.

    What's included?

    • An encouraging space to wrestle with and foster your God-dream
    • 6 weeks of reader comraderie as you dream, decide, and take action
    • Read and engage at your own pace
    • Weekly short video summaries
    • Chapter-based chat in the private Facebook group
    • Weekly group calls with author + coach

    Discussion Themes

    Week 1 – Book Intro, Chapters 1 - 4

    Dare to start where you are

    Week 2 – Chapters 5 - 8

    Dare to dream + desire

    Week 3 – Read Chapters 9 – 13

    Dare to recognize your potential

    Week 4 – Chapters 14 - 17

    Dare to make a difference

    Week 5 – Chapters 18 – 23

    Dare to find aligned options

    Week 6 – Chapters 25 – 30

    Dare to clear decision fatigue + take action that leads to progress