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A transformational book needs to be discussed…

… and digested, not merely read.

Interested in talking through your Dare to Decide in your book club or church small group? Get the free downloadable discussion guide!

These aren’t just some standard questions thrown together in a document. Each book club or small group is as unique as the people in it and their expectations and needs.

Collaborating with pastor Janet Collins, we drew from over 50 years’ experience of facilitating groups of all sizes and training group leaders. These questions have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of brand new groups and long-time gatherings, in-depth spiritual discussions and light-hearted book club conversations.

The Discussion Guide includes

  • Tips for starting your own book club or discussion group
  • 1-time BOOK CLUB convo prompts
  • 6-WEEK book study guide
  • 84 THOUGHT-PROVOKING questions
  • ICEBREAKERS suitable for in-person or online groups
  • Optional BIBLE-BASED questions

What People are Saying

“Dare to Decide offers gentle and compassionate ways for you to shift from overthinking to finding your best next step.”

— Kary Oberbrunner, author of Your Secret Name and Elixir Project

“Anyone could relate to times of feeling stuck as Emily describes them. I love how she weaves her personal story together with practical ways to get started unraveling the chaos in our minds right from the first chapter.  I’m excited to see how this book will help people get unstuck and start living their God-sized dreams.”

— Brenda Drost, Speaker and Founder of

“In Dare to Decide, Emily provides powerful, psychologically sound tools to help you face and move beyond the fears that hold you back. Conversational, honest and actionable, Emily’s words will inspire you to get unstuck and start moving towards a life of adventure and fulfilment.”

 — Steve Abma, Psychotherapist

“As you read through this narrative, you’ll realize that—just like Emily’s path didn’t lead to the destination she dreamed of—in a truly fulfilled life, no experience is wasted.”

— Mark Collins, pastor, coach, consultant

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