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About the Author

Author Emily Grabatin

Emily Grabatin infuses hope into dormant and God-called dreams. Through coaching, writing and leadership development, she helps individuals recognize who they are, uncover what makes them feel alive, and streamline their focus so they can flourish.

Through seasons of restlessness, burnout and wandering even while working in her dream job in ministry, the greatest gifts Emily has received have been from individuals who saw potential in her before she saw it. Appreciating the value of people holding a space for her to discover her own answers and step out into her calling at her own pace, she’s passionate about offering that gift to others.

What most people don’t know about Emily is her secret box of unfinished novels yellowing in her basement. What she learned about storytelling and why she never finished writing her novels inspired the principles she uses to inspire others in getting clear on their dream and making more confident decisions. Emily lives near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with her husband and daughter and their non-snuggly bunny.

Book Summary

Knowing we’re created for more than the life we’re living doesn’t necessarily mean we know what we want or how to get there.  

You probably feel paralyzed from:  

  • Fear of the unknown 
  • Being misunderstood 
  • Making the wrong decisions. 

These thoughts and actions have caused you to overthink decisions or avoid stepping into the new adventure you long for. 

Dare to Decide is for those who long for a fresh, meaningful direction in their life, but who feel paralyzed in uncertainty. 

Author Emily Grabatin offers a gentle, affirming approach for cautious dreamers who freeze under the anticipation of making a big life change.  

Through stories from her life, examples from everyday people, and thought-provoking questions and practical strategies, you will: 

  • Discover who you are 
  • Align with the calling in your heart 
  • Dare to decide once and for all 

Find peace, clarity and courage in the crossroads of life starting today. Become who your dream needs you to be. 

Sample Interview Questions

On finding meaningful direction and making decisions in uncertainty
  1. In 60 seconds, what is your book Dare to Decide about? 
  2. Who might benefit most from your book? 
  3. Why do you think it’s shard for some people to figure out what they want in life and to make it happen? 
  4. You talk about 6 phases for navigating a crossroads in your book: The Crossroads, The Call, The Preparation, The Compass, The Decision, The Journey. Tell us about one of them. What is critical about this phase?
  5. Often we view being stuck at a crossroads as a negative thing. Tell us about some of the opportunities you see in facing a major shift in life.
  6. In this year of the pandemic, when life / work / business / ministry has changed for many of us, why is this “dare to decide” message so critical today? How will it help people when there’s so much unpredictability? 
  7. You share some practical tools for working through decision-making in relationships, finding meaningful direction for your life, and figuring out what information is relevant to your decision. What’s one you could share with our listeners / viewers today?
  8. In your experience, what do you feel is the best way for people to make a shift to get started down a new path?
  9. One of your reviewers described your book as “a divine intervention”. How does God and your faith show up throughout the book?
On daring through the creative process and sharing your message
  1. You chose a conversational writing style that is kind, intuitive and disarming. What was behind this choice?
  2. What was the most challenging part of writing your book?
  3. How did you decide what to write about?
  4. For aspiring authors, you chose not to go through a traditional publishing process. What was your publishing experience like, and why did you choose that path?
  5. Your book is available as e-book, hardcover and paperback. Where can we find your books? 

How Being Stuck at a Crossroads is Affecting Us

We’re living and dying with regret

Most people end their life with regrets. When palliative nurse Bronnie Ware asked her dying patients what they regretted most about their lives, again and again she heard, ““I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Pillemer and his team who interviewed 1,500 people over 65 about what haunts them most about their life choices told Often people regret time wasted over petty grudges, unforgiveness and making unwise decisions about relationships.

Believing we need certainty triggers anxiety and exhaustion

An all or nothing, black or white, good or bad mindset in making decisions paralyzes us. It leads to anxiety, panic flight-or-fight mode contemplating what might happen. Overthinking the possibilities leads to exhaustion and ultimately betrays trust with ourselves that’s needed to make other necessary decisions.

Kids are suffering when parents pressure their child to live their unfilled dreams.

When faced with their own unfulfilled ambitions, parents who see their child as part of themselves want their child to fulfill their unfulfilled ambitions. This study suggests that parents may desire their child to redeem their broken dreams. Children under this pressure can find it difficult to cope under high expectations.While some children may give up on their own dreams and talents, others might act defensive resulting in breakdown in relationships, low self-esteem, sometimes depression and self-harm.

Brummelman E, Thomaes S, Slagt M, Overbeek G, de Castro BO, Bushman BJ (2013) My Child Redeems My Broken Dreams: On Parents Transferring Their Unfulfilled Ambitions onto Their Child. PLoS ONE 8(6): e65360.

What People are Saying

“Dare to Decide offers gentle and compassionate ways for you to shift from overthinking to finding your best next step.”

— Kary Oberbrunner, Author of Your Secret Name and Elixir Project

“Anyone could relate to times of feeling stuck as Emily describes them. I love how she weaves her personal story together with practical ways to get started unraveling the chaos in our minds right from the first chapter.  I’m excited to see how this book will help people get unstuck and start living their God-sized dreams.”

— Brenda Drost, Speaker and Founder of

“In Dare to Decide, Emily provides powerful, psychologically sound tools to help you face and move beyond the fears that hold you back. Conversational, honest and actionable, Emily’s words will inspire you to get unstuck and start moving towards a life of adventure and fulfilment.”

 — Steve Abma, Psychotherapist

“As you read through this narrative, you’ll realize that—just like Emily’s path didn’t lead to the destination she dreamed of—in a truly fulfilled life, no experience is wasted.”

— Mark Collins, Coach and Consultant

“It’s truly one of the best self-help books I’ve ever read. For those searching for a way to live this journey/ dream and overcome obstacles with God by your side, this book not only gives you permission to do that, it gives you applicable insight and wisdom to connect with God and trust in Him while you’re on the journey.”

—Hope Flansburg, Author of Piece by Piece: Picking up the Shards of a Soul Worth Saving

Book Reviews

Popular Quotes from Dare to Decide

If I was going to stop holding myself back, I couldn’t live from my insecurity anymore. And since I still felt insecure, I had to find something bigger than myself to be my motivation.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

Friend, you were on my heart when I mapped out this book. You were made for more than the daily grind. More than making ends meet. More than the list of should’s, can’ts or wish I had’s.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

A decision unmade is still a decision. It won’t go away. Neither will problems or more options.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

While a crossroads is an event with external distinctions, internally, crossroads are defining moments that shape who we’re becoming.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

Imagine becoming at peace with yourself.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

Knowing who you are and who you can become impacts how you view your options for the future.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

Discovering and living the dream in your heart means stepping into who you were meant to be and what you were called to do.” – Emily Grabatin, Dare to Decide

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